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Air transport is the fastest mode of transport and is therefore suitable for the transport of goods, personal belongings and industrial goods, live animals, dangerous goods and precious parcels that have to travel a long distance for a short period. Air transport has no competitor or alternative for urgent shipments.

We ARSEN LOGISTICS, as an innovative supplier of logistics services, can carry out transport for all types of airfreight. We will help you analyze your transport needs and offer you transport options with different airlines according to price, route, transit time and other factors.

We will prepare an individual solution for you anywhere in the world:

  • From airport to airport or from door to door
  • Choosing the right and proper packaging
  • Preparation of transport documents
  • Cargo insurance based on your request
  • Information on customs formalities and customs representation import, export, transit or storage
  • delivery or receipt of goods from or to your address